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Tangor, in: Astroid Attila (Episodes #17 & 18)

Tangor, in: Asteroid Attila
(Original named: ‘Star Emblazoned’)

[Space Traveler] Episode #17 Written:
2-21-2007 (Reedited and revised 4-14-2007)

First time in Print

(Asteroid Attila)

I was in my spacecraft, left Mars’ orbit, couldn’t hear the voices anymore, and my ships camera picked up a photograph—I should say it was coming in, faded, and clearing up, becoming sharper; my spacecraft had been circling Mars for two years, almost inactively; the photo was among many, coming in, but only one with this certain image, and it became stunning in that it become clearer not because of my camera’s inability to pick it up, it was coming clearer because it was coming in closer, I could now see the silhouette of an asteroid heading for Mars or Earth, I couldn’t tell exactly, it shifted like a giant condor in full flight, I called it Asteroid Attila, I perhaps should not say called, in the past tense, but ‘call it,’ since it is still coming.
The closer it got the lesser of a dot it became, or black spot in space I should say. I concluded then, it would strike, or come close to striking Earth or Mars in the very near future (perhaps five years), it was picking up speed, not slowing down.
When you discover something like this, there is a cold sweat that permeates throughout your body, and that is what was happening to me, an unsure dread for Earth or Mars, or perhaps Earth’s moon, which blocks the sun from burning the Earth up to a crisp, so hitting the moon in full force also bothered me. I do believe Earth would not have the technology to strike the Asteroid in time, causing it to become fragments, and thus, striking the Earth, but not so devastatingly was my goal, is my goal. The Earth could absorb the fragmentation process, and if the moon was hit, it also would most likely split a good portion of that off into space, and being only 250,000-miles away, the Earth would get a double bombardment, but again, it would survive. It would slip off its axes, and perhaps, cause a crust movement, but again I say, not the end of time, just a bad, very bad bombardment, causing the seas to light up, and the mountains to cascade and a few other catastrophic events.
On the other hand, if Mars got hit, its understructure would look like its surface, dreadful, and there would be a ripple effect, all the way to Earth and beyond, in space.
Slow it down, that was my idea, perhaps Earth will have time to create technology by the time it would be expected be hit by it, or shoot a nuke at it and hope the strike would move it out of Earth’s direction.

(Buying Time)

How much time, and how slow did I need to slow the asteroid down to allow Earth to mobilize whatever it needed to counter the attack of the Asteroid? I asked myself this question off and on for days. Five years, was this feasible? I asked myself. The solution could change, and the object accelerates, then what. Space is funny, it shifts its position, like a ball thrown in mid air, it is all cascading, and objects in space pick up energy, and lose energy quicker than the mind can calculate, velocity was only part of the equation, and it was not totally fixed.
It was approaching at an unbelievable speed, closer ever minute, noticeable that is, or at least the object presented that image, it was a speed I had never imagined, I’d have to invent a speed for this cosmic body, it seems it did not to adjust to Earthly rules, and caused me to disbelieve my eyes. I examined the shadowy object with my cameras, as it approached, it was a giant asteroid, perhaps one-eight to one forth the size of Earth’s moon (Earth’s moon being one forth the size of Earth itself.) The strike would be devastating. Whatever it was, I was at a loss, I called the Los Andes Space Station, in Huancayo, Peru, they had not seen it yet, and were in disbelief. Actually they snarled their nose at me, you could say. I suppose, it goes to say: ‘Out of sight, out of mind,’ this was their premise for telling me I was limited in my reasoning and saw perhaps some kind of shadow in the far-off galaxy.

Written: 2-27-2007

Tangor, in: Meteor to Asteroid Attila

[Space Traveler] Episode #18 Written:
2-21-2007 (Reedited and revised 4-15-2007)

First time in Print

I did do something though, I found a meteor circulating between Earth and Mars, perhaps this object about one hundred miles in circumference could undermine or weaken the large asteroid coming towards these two planets, or so I thought, by putting it in its pathway, blocking the full impact if it hit the moon or Earth, or even Mars. I had three atomic torpedoes on my ship, and I set one into…flight, to intercept the meteorite, and it would hit it, thus, hoping its debris would remain in a wider orbit, in the same neighborhood it was already in, and therefore, block, or slowdown, or even knock the asteroid off its axis once it entered the fragmented zone of this meteorite, and perhaps, forcing it to take another route, around earth or away from the moon and Mars.
In essence, I expected it to hurt the asteroid, and save earth from a total collapse, catastrophe; celestial mechanics was not my forte, but it might work I concluded.

(Tangor was many things, Space Traveler, Astronomer, hunter, but most of all, he was a gambler in fate. He said, “Is not the earth called mother?” implying she is a living thing, but one we happen to live on, like lice stuck or hidden within human hair. If she dies, so do we who live on her, so he did what he could do, and left the rest of to fate.)

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Tangor and Siren in: “The Ramping Devil!” Episode: #14 [Part I of II]

Episode: #14
Tangor and Siren in: “The Ramping Devil!”
1/14/2006 Part I of II

[Siren’s Journal; 2180 AD] “The Ramping Devil, his fists were like blocks of iron, hard as garnet, when they hit you, I’m sure they were as heavy as anvils, he never did hit me, but I can attest to their size. The gaze he fixed on one was deadly indeed, anger in his whole being. He looked like a saber-toothed jackal, his head that is, pointed dog like ears. He clasped his hands when he bit into human flesh, so he told me, as if it was a drug. Perhaps to scare me, is why he told me; on the other hand he wanted to be human like, it would be a dream come true, if he could. Demons get their kicks out of such things, games they call them. His hands were as big as my face, and he was all of fifteen feet tall. He was a rambling beast, and ran wildly, quickly he told me through hell’s gates to escape into the lake called Hades. He said he knew me, or had seen me once, when I was in hell.
“He told me there occurred a phenomena, the day he appeared on our ship, as we were bringing King Toso to his residing moon for safety, for his people wanted to eat him alive, or at least the wild Manticore in the woods had threatened to do so.
“The phenomena he told me about was as follows: ‘I escaped into the waters of Hades, and fell into a dreamless sleep as I sank into the waters, at the same time our hemispherical demon were brining in new souls, there was a rift, a tare in the canopy of a sixth dimension, and I was snapped away, and ended up in these halls of the ship, foaming mouth and all, and even nostrils foaming.’ It is exactly the way he told me it was.

[Tangor’s Journal] “Outside our spacecraft was King Toso, waiting for us to take him to his moon, where there was a colony of his kind; he was kind of a prisoner I guess.
“In the meantime, the demon Gwyin had appeared on board the ship, he was haunted by Siren’s beauty, and seemed to know her. I guess, so he said, he was there when Siren was born in hell, he was one of the soldiers that tried to stop her from leaving hell, and she cut his head off, yet he grew another instantly. He seemed a bit indifferent on that subject, almost laughable.
“When we landed the ship on the moon, I told Gwyin to remain hiding until the king was gone, lest he freak out, and a new crisis start right on our ship with a 800-pound demon, 15-feet tall running loose.
“And so it was, everything went fairly smooth, and the king was dropped off.”
‘Why do you come here?’ I asked Gwyin later on.
‘Perhaps because I had no choice, plus I prefer human company to devil company, believe it or not. I will not harm you, Siren, I know fights like a devil, so I am not up to such a fight, but I ask for your assistance to hide me from my enemies, who will be searching for me?’
Said Siren, ‘You did not come to us like an enemy, but I am not sure what we can do for you?’

“But we both agreed, Siren and I, that we’d take the chance and give him a safe haven until we could come up with a better idea, and we were now headed for Moiromma, and I suppose we could iron it out there.”

(Siren knew a devil lies and has no pity, to her there’d been no deliberating of his nature, only his purpose, and his departure once on Moiromma. The king that was brought onto the moon of Toso’s, was taken so there would be no bloodshed on Toso itself, to serve as a prison of sorts.)) And so it was.))

See Part Two: The Demon Fugitive

Tangor and Siren in: The Demon Fugitive Part II of II 1/14/2006 Part II of II

Episode: #15
Tangor and Siren in: The Demon Fugitive
1/14/2006 Part II of II

[Chapter one of two: Long Voyage Home] Gwyin, the Demon or devil man, a furtive you could say, was on the spacecraft, hidden from the King of Tose, whom they had dropped off at the planet Toso’s moon colony, at Tangor’s request, for he was demonic looking in ever sort of the way—save for the fact, he was a demon in the first place. It was a long trip now to Moiromma, and so they went about checking out everything on the ship, lest it be a chemical leak or something. Everything seemed do be ok; although Tangor was a bit worried about the King, for when he left the ship he was sick, and when he entered it he was not. But then Tangor figured the king was simply spacesick, something like seasick.


“We had been in space no more than a week after dropping the King of Toso off when Gwyin the Demon, came to us with a carved wooden figurine; both I and Siren was in bewilderment what he was going to do with it, when he handed it to me.”

“Put it in the your safe vault for me,” said the large demonic beast, “I’m finished with the evils,” he cried, in a changing way. And right in front of our eyes he turned into an earthling, his demonic powers, his transformation, his necromantic chanting, made him all flesh in front of us.”

‘You can call me Mr. Gwyin Smith now, if you please.’ Said Gwyin the demon, and he looked normal, I mean like a human being, like me, Tangor.
“You know you have lost all your demonic powers and insights by changing over to flesh and bone of earths humanity.” I said to Gwyin. Siren was staring at this all happening, in disbelief.
‘I have demonic friends who would like to find me and bring me back to hell, this is the best disguise I can come up with, ‘ said Gwyin.
“He told me he’d like to avoid his evil nature if only he could, and this was his one chance in a life time. I felt sorry for him of course. Not sure if that was wise, but feelings are neither right or wrong, they just are, and that was how I felt, like it or not; but I’d keep an eye on him I told myself, save, the time I didn’t, Siren said she would.
“I guess in the following few weeks, let me think: week four, Gwyin helped around the spacecraft, and we allowed him to be addressed as Mr. Gwyin Smith to appease him I suppose, and he became my assistant, to Siren of course, and the voyage to Moiromma went smoothly. He mentally had created I do believe, created a new mental home here on our ship. In a way it freaked both me and Siren out we tiptoed around our ship in case we might spot a freaky moment where we’d catch him trying to sabotage our ship or something. I suppose you could call that being paranoid in its own right, but we had a good reason, Gwyin could not be trusted, because he was a demon, and they are not trustworthy, so Siren had told me several times.
“It was perhaps the fifth week when Gwyin told me the following: ‘I’m having a hard time sleeping Tangor, I see hoofs under the door, behind the door, the hallway lights show them distinctively.’ I believed him, and told him to let it just come and go, it was just nightmares.
In the following weeks He seemed to fully emerged in his new self, he didn’t realize when he came aboard the ship, he had hooves for feet, devil feet that is; but to appease him, I didn’t have the heart to tell him, he actually seemed like his transformation to a humanoid, was in full transformation.”
‘Let me have a space ray gun,’ he asked me, ‘in case some horrid creature tries to attack me in the middle of the night.’ He was still seeing such hooves, in his nightmares come the 8th week of our voyage to Moiromma, these hooves under the door were starting to bother me some also.
“On the 9th week he came to me, and in front of Siren, asked if he could call Mrs. Gill Smith up at San Juan Observatory in Peru, his wife was an earth astronaut, so he told us. I did call her again to appease him, and she did have a husband by the name of G.W. Smith, but he had been long dead. And that was that. He pondered on that a while, and let it go, saying: ‘…she’s got a new lover, that is what it is.’ Thus, I believed he was believing in his own fantasy, but if I pointed out really to him, we’d have a big demon on board, and it seemed safer for the time being not to.
“On the 9th week Moiromma came into sight on our ships radar system, and Siren was ecstatic about being back to her mother’s home away from home. There was a new king named Hlic, he had gathered all the clans together, united Moiromma into now a frozen type empire, and her mother, Jokaneen was a legend on Moiromma, like Siren was on SSARG. And Siren was excited to be going to meet him. Evidently, Hlic was a friend of hers long ago.

[Chapter Two: Moiromma and King Hlic] As their spacecraft descended, there were several large beings waiting for them: they looked demonic, Tangor thought; Siren said nothing, she could not get a good enough look at them, and busied herself preparing for the landing. But Tangor knew they were waiting there for Gwyin, but figured he’d not start a panic and leave it alone; after they had landed they could sort out things, take care of whatever needed to be taking care of.
As they landed, the ships door opened automatically there seeped out some gases, toxic it seemed (or debilitating, or could be), so the several beings noticed a mist that followed the two astronauts, Tangor and Siren as they descended the ramp from the ship to the ground, to greet the king, his generals and several guards.
Said King Hlic of Moiromma, “Are you folks aright?” Tangor took that as a simply welcoming gesture, but it was more than that, it was because of the seeping mist, yet for Siren and Tangor to acknowledge.
“We are fine, “ said Tangor, “thanks for asking,” and Siren stepped forward to greet the king more personal, with a bear hug that would normally have broken a normal human beings spine.
“We have one more aboard,” said Siren, “his name is Gwyin, not sure why he had not come out yet.”
“Ah, perhaps he is ill,” said the king, hesitantly and glancing up at the arch of the snips door, no figure appearing, he sent two of his soldiers, “Go see if you can find their comrade, and bring him out.”
It was twenty minutes thereafter when the soldiers came out, rubbing their eyes and face from the mist throughout the ship, saying, “Can’t find a soul in there, you sure you didn’t …” and said no more.
“I need to go check the safe vault,” said Tangor to the king a ting bewildered, and as he went back into the ship, Siren followed, they noticed in the vault, that it was empty. Then they looked at one another both saying at the same time, “Empty!!”

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Tangor, in: The Death Giver [In the Black Galaxy] #11

Tangor, in: The Death Giver
[In the Black Galaxy] #11 7/7/2006

My main objection was to visit a planet I had not seen, and I liked the Black Galaxy, it is where SSARG was, the Pale Planet, and Toso was. And now I had heard of a planet called “Life,” I was in my 184th year of life, and I didn’t expect to live beyond another five or so. This was or could be a good place to live, retire on. I had heard about it, the legend that is, that no one died on this planet, that Death had killed Death. That the people lived in peace, slept well, ate well, and had all they wanted, nothing more was necessary; all the basic needs were met.
Having filled my spacecraft, and now taken a seat in the cockpit of my ship, I fastened my belt around my midsection, and upper chest, and directed my spacecraft to increased in speed rapidly, as I had directed the commuters to head toward this spot in the middle of the galaxy—called “Life.”

—I landed on a plateau surface of the planet, it was midday, and as I flung open the door and walked about, I found it was inhabited. Semyle, king of this part of the planet, and his sever; wives met me a distance away from my vessel. When they asked me my name they grew frantic. Said the king to me, as he showed me about his large city, “That you may understand me, Tangor, and as you can see I am in shock somewhat, I must convey to you why. Several thousand years ago, we preyed hard and long to our great God of the Universe, and perhaps we anger him, for we got our wish. He sent death down to us, so we could see him in humanoid form. And he stood by me, intuitive he was, warn out he looked and I was given a knife to cut his throat, to rip out his heart, and I did just that. And we buried him in the abyss outside of our city, sealed the top of the abyss, there his remains remain in solitude. But there are ghouls there that guard him, and we fear they know each and every one of us too well.”
The king then showed me around his city of twenty-five million inhabitants, said to me now, “We have two hundred cities on this small planet, and each city has twenty-five million people, and 70% are in need of constant medical care. We try to perfect uniformity from hospital to hospital, for most of our kinds are in hospitals, between 1000-to 7000-years old. We do not any longer, allow our citizens to give birth to children; we cannot afford to feed them. It sounds to me like death is perhaps your brother, or a relation; its name is Congor that is why I was surprised when you told me your name. I am betwixt.”
I did not dispute his unhappiness with what his planet had tired to do, and in the process created misery for it, but I did not want to go down into the twenty-five mile abyss into its planets material crust. Lest I never see daylight again, and be buried alive for a thousand years; but I was not given much choice, it was either do that, or they’d destroy my ship. The thinking of retiring here had just faded into oblivion. One might say I had a perfect indifference, but then seeing all the sickness death preserved, it was not pleasurable, a novelty indeed, something I had never seen before, nor expected to see.

As I was lowered into the Abyss by way of an open-ended, simple square box, I descended, mile after mile. Air was thin, but the abyss above was open, and the king’s men were pumping air into the lower sections of the abyss, by way of tubes. As I looked up, scarce was daylight: meditating the next few miles, it bothered me that these ungrateful people were using me so, thinking I had some kind of mixed blood with this creature they called ‘The Death Giver.”
During several humid hours down in the tunnels of this planet, looking for the right path, tracking the course they gave me, written on the back of an animal skin, I found myself, my body in a horrid fatigue. The walls were cool, wet and mocking, that is to say, my imagination was getting the best of me I think, and sensations of my body’s fatigue weakened me, along with mental exhaustion.
There, there lay a man in a pyre, his heart in his hands, and his throat cut. I hesitated for a moment, swung around he pyre several times, it was reeking with death, shadows tried to accost me, as if death wanted to rest, or sleep forever. Then I got thinking, death cheated this planet, and offered it life, and give itself death in its place, impetuous it was to get the job done quickly before they put two and two together. And these shadows, ghosts, were guarding it.

—One ugly looking ghoul gripped me by the hand, with a vicious punch on the nose, I fell backwards, it had iron fists, and my teeth splintered under its impact. I yelled, but it hung on to me, romping all over me, trying to chain me to the pyre. My scalp had an open wound on it, I got hit by a second shape with something, and deluged me with blood, blinded me, as I stumbled; their black eyes found satisfaction in my bloody nose, they started to laugh knowing I suppose I’d bleed to death down here, only to wakeup chained to the pyre, and bleed to death a thousand times more. But as they were holding their bellies and laughing, I picked myself up, grabbed the fresh looking heart, and placed it back into the man’s chest cavity, I heard a voice from the Ghoul, “Keep off him!” But he was rising, and heard them all snarl. I stepped back; I did not want to touch him.
“How long has it been?” said Death, to me?
“I think several thousand years.” I said painfully, almost wordlessly.
“When I come to myself again, I will be up there looking for many,” and then he started taking the bandages off his wrists and ankles, as I rushed back to the box to take me back up.

When I arrived at the top, I explained to the king all that took place, he was most grateful to me, and I was allowed to go that very day, should I wish to, and I did wish to, my ears spilt, nose broken, I figured once Congor got up to the surface of this planet, there was going to be double dying going on.
So my ship took off, I saw Congor standing by the king, as they both waved to me, and then Congor touched the king, and as the king looked to his side to see who had touched him, I saw the king trying to push the man away: he didn’t recognize Congor, yet discernment told him who he was.

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The Planet Tose Tales: part IV: The Giant Cadaverous Bulls

Siren the Great
[And the Giant Cadaverous Bulls]
Part IV of: “The Planet Toso Tales”

Two-thousand bulls stood staring at Siren as she was about to ventured from one side of the planet of Aging to the acropolis on the other side where King Toso III had been until he left with Tangor and Rognat to be escorted to the planet Tose (where he was born), from Planet Aging, once King; now the bulls guarded the coast land. And as I have said, are staring at Siren the Great.

When she had awoken after her 4th death [and resurrection: for Moirommalit’s have 100-deaths] on Toso, her daughter had killed her, stabbed her in the heart, Arallets, she had to, lest she leave her mother buried into a tree of cement like substance for eternity on planet Toso. And now she was faced with another atrocity, massacre, butchery to be, the bulls, and there in front of the many bulls, was the king bull she supposed, the biggest of them all, looking down at her as if she was a stone, or worm, but she didn’t move, not yet.

The Great Bulls came forward, as she lay on the sands in a prone, position, they must had been 8000-pounds, with horns some three feet long (perhaps as thick as her thighs); 15-feet height. The leader stood directly in front of her with red glaring bloodshot eyes; she hummed, knowing the slightest movement might disturb them but the hum may tranquillise them, for a moment anyway.

—Siren hurled bits of sand at the beast’s face, which surprised the bull, it was thinking was this part of the sand and about to step the small mound, or was it a worm, and he should then eat it or step on it for fun. But before the bull could put two and two together, Siren stood up; quick like and startled the bull, and the bulls behind the master bull, and the horde got spooked, and agitated and moved restlessly about. She gazed into the bull’s eyes, now staring her almost in the face to face.

The Great Thug

The bull started to widen its eyes, and before he could pull back his head, she flipped through the air like a whip, onto and over his perturbing head, and over the top of his skull, onto his neck, and onto its back, in the process, she tore off two feet of his horn, his right horn, broke it off, snapped it like a branch off a tree; she was now on his shoulders, and the beast was yelping and jumping and running in circles running every which way, as Siren held with one hand onto its loosed hairs.

The bull stomped it hooves into the soft sand, but Siren hung on, and the giant bull got closer and closer to the wild sea, the ocean was but twenty-yards in front of Siren, now the bull was getting careless not looking were he was, he was in the waters, unknowingly, water up to its knees, and the giant waves came in pounding, and went back out with its repetitious tide—and the waters pulled the pulled from underneath, and he lost, the bull lost his balance, and Siren jumped into the water, through its waves, under them and came out on the other side, as the current pulled the giant bull out into the open sea. Immediately, as siren came out of the waters, the bulls stood stone still, as if waiting for their leader to come after her, and it was only Siren they saw, and when they did not see the Master Bull, they bowed, slowly lowering their heads in front of Siren. She was their new leader, it all took placed at the edge of the great sea of the planet Aging.

Written at EP/Lima Peru, 5/11/06

See Dennis' web site:

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The Dark Galaxy [#21: SSARG/Rognat & Siren]

The Dark Galaxy
[#21: SSARG/Rognat & Siren]

In a far off nebula, which was shedding lots of gasses and ultraviolet rays, thus, caring a hale into a cloud, from which they were born or created from, opened up a black hole, hence, dark matter (energy) pushed through and so did the little spacecraft, “Mind,” of which Rognat was on board, manning. He was on a mission to find a distant planet called Toso. The mission was given to him by the king who had once lived there, and was mysteriously brought to the planet called “Aging,”
but Rognat gave it a new name: Hipparchus; with the King’s permission; was in space four years to date, and had traveled 123-million miles, of a 400-million mile journey, by the kings permission also to find his home planet and let them know about his existence but as this is being written, he was side tracked as you know now, into the black hole, and ended up in the Dark Galaxy.
While on his mission he had many devices on board to help him examine the universe, as he drifted now and then through it, through the Universe, and at other times, went faster than the speed of light. Thus, he was capturing flashes of cosmic energy, which are normally wiped out before earth can get a look at it: he was seeing it—and where he was now the view was UN-descript! He thought of an imaginary poet, one that had a high-quality of imagination, writing about what he was witnessing: perhaps he could put into poetry: and it would have been George Sterling, an old poet from way back when. One might simply conclude though, it had to be seen to be expressed and only expressed within the soul of a person could it be. This voyager of sorts was in a swift sea of atoms and a dark galaxy, so he found himself, after spinning and passing out, waking up and looking about. Rognat had heard of the dark galaxy, but it was just folk lore, it seemed he was in its horse-shoe area at this point.
Besides spending time on earth, he had also spent several years on Moiromma, learned the ways of the people, traditions, legend, and lore. The same thing went for his time with King Toso on his planet. He spent several years there, and they had become best of friends.
Thus, he came into this dark galaxy by accident, a barred spiral galaxy of which he knew nothing about. At this point of his voyage, he had documented some three to eight million stars. His four year trip put him in a house of the cosmic events of the Universe, perhaps my have found the most exotic place in the Universe too. The planet he had left was a red planet for the most part, with a bright sun, and two moons protecting its inhabitants from the suns rays, yet it was extremely warm.

Rognat had also met a mate of sorts, by the name of Siren. She had left the planet called SSARG, and had been on earth, and was a resident of both Moiromma and its moon Ice-cap. She had a reputation as the Queen of SSARG, and was most beautiful, a warrior of the same blood and spirit as Moiromma. Her mother was non other than the famous, Jokaneen. She had appeared on Hipparchus, after her adventure on SSARG, where she met her lover Rognat. Hipparchus was too hot for her lest she die if she stayed, and her blood boil to a point of curling up, as it does for Moirommalit’s; in any case, she knew she would not survive long on that planet.
The kingdom of Toso adapted the name: Hipparchus, for their planet and in time its original name was forgotten. And so both Siren and Rognat found themselves back into the black dark galaxy: or at least Siren did, in the sense, she had been there before but didn’t know exactly where she was.
As I was saying, it was too hot for Siren and so they left this planet, found themselves day’s later in the black galaxy, several million miles away. The sun being the size of earth and almost next to them
In this new galaxy, they had found the constellation of ‘Serpeus,’ It was a fascinating sight for Siren, the dark outer rim to its marvelous view, and everything else coved with blue.


The oldest insects in the Universe came from the Big Bang: from the ashes emitted 14-billion years ago, when the Universe was just a pup; or 400,000-years old. These insects are called ‘Energy Bugs,’ the cosmos are kind of a soup bowl or them. They eat matter and radiation. And cool down, and stretch out, then when hungry again, feed off a source of energy nearby and such if any like a mosquito. They go in swarms of billions upon billions, and are the size of a persons thumb. These bugs: hot and cold, are like the universe: and cold when they lack energy, and circulate with its environment.


It was the forth year, 2nd month, 34-day, Siren sensed something outside the spacecraft, and the lights dimmed, it was those mosquitoes, those comic-mosquitoes.
“They came to suck the ship dry,” said Siren to her lover Rognat.
“That’s no surprise to me,” he amended, looking at them from the porthole in the crafts main body, and shaking his head as if they were doomed.
“This I heard is the ultimate bug,” he commanded in a harsh and concerned voice, almost with a laugh, an uneasy laugh as if they were destined. But Siren did not share into his human gesture of lost hope. Although Rognat was a space scientist, and adventurous in his own right, she was a warrior and survivor of much more than his titles could bear, or endure. She saw deliberating within his mind.
“How do we exonerate ourselves of these pests,” he asked, thinking she might have an idea, he didn’t. This was entirely different for her, she had fought many a good battle but this one was different, it was mind provoking yet there had to be a way.
The bugs were feeding off the ships regenerating processor, and for it now to regenerate, it needed the sun’s ultraviolet rays; but how could this be, the bugs were sucking everything dry from around the ship; they were on the ship, covering it like an ant hill, several feet thick. Soon she knew they’d both be buried in this tomb, but she had the capability of resurrection, it was in the Moirommalit’s chemistry. It was a pity she thought, to have to leave Rognat, but it had to be; to save his life was to die and resurrect; lest they both die, and she be the only one to survive after the fact; I mean, it there was to be some kind of hope of them reuniting in the future it would be her who what have to do the sacrificing.

Last Option

Knowing she had 100-lives like her comrades on Moiromma, she took the last option.
“Rognat, here is what we have to do. I need to fill my system up with a high source of energy, you need to inject it into my brain, my liver, my pancreas, the whole cell structure of me, then let me float out into space, I will die quickly, but the bugs will devour me before I suffer too much, in the interim, you have just enough energy to aim the ship into SSARG’s gravity belt, it will pull you the rest of the way out of this mess, we are not that far away, and then when close enough, the sun will regenerate your ship…” she never finished her last sentence, they both knew it was as it had to be, and started the process.
And so the process was started and the theory took place, and Rognat would have said ‘no,’ to Siren, but to refuse would have been suicide. And when she hit the coldness of the black emptiness of space, the bugs did their duty, and Rognat did his, and Siren did hers.

Written 11/26/2005/ Revised and rewritten 2/5/06

Tangor and the Banshee's! (#7)

Outside in the deep cold of space, perhaps like in the deep cold of the oceans, perhaps, not like anything, anyone can really imagine, Tangor witnessed several banshees flapping their giant wings around his spacecraft, staring and glaring into his portholes within his spacecraft, with their dark pitted eyes. Gooseflesh appeared over his whole body, he had never seen such creatures in all is life. He could see the hideous creatures scream and lurch: forward and backwards, trying to hang onto the ship, it snapped them off like grasshoppers trying to hold on to a jet, they were like flickers of dark fire.

He had been isolated for a number of years in his spacecraft, he had never seen such things in all his life; not humanlike, nor quite fully spirit, but some kind of supernatural origin he presupposed, an uncanny sense of mischief about them. He was suppose to be on a mission to Tonos, by the great Eljanhai, the Great I, of Poloda, but unluckily got pulled into the orbit of Ice-cap, a moon of Moiromma, a planet outside earths solar system, not far from an asteroid belt.

For several months now they were outside his spacecraft, trying to find a way to get in, to hang on to the spacecraft. They scratched at the ships main door like rats trying to gnaw their way through it: night and day, day and night, never ending thought Tangor. Countless hours were spent watching these cold-spined, ungutted creatures, graze like bat-cows outside his craft (although I did not witness this ongoing insanity, but Tangor told me, and how he did, I could almost imagine his mind set). He surely felt—I assume, it might had been better if he had stayed on Poloda, and perhaps even in the empire of Kapara; as troublesome as it was, this was even worse. WWII, had indeed kept his flying skills up to pare when he discovered himself on Poloda, but now, now it was different, he was fighting an enemy in outer space, and it was not a WWII aircraft, nor could he bomb or shoot out his window at the creatures. He was quite limited with his options—indeed!

A Long Night

…it was a very long night, this one night, when the Banshees somehow camped on top of Tangor’s spacecraft. How they managed that, he didn’t tell me, or perhaps, couldn’t. A tribe of them he recalled, all trying to produce needless terror in Tangor, along with his isolation, it was a miracle he kept his sanity. Nevertheless, he talked to himself, did exercise, and tried to think of a way on how to rid himself of this madness; his nights were sleepless, as was his days. They were like guards towering over him, walking on the spacecraft…they needed no sleep he concluded, these apparitions of evil attempting to seize him and his ship. These were times he thought of the last (which really was his first) his kiss he had with Yamoda on the planet Poloda. These were also times when depression started to creep in. If he could not find a way to rid himself of this menace, he was as good as dead; either by insanity, or sooner or later they’d find a way in, as they had found a way to hold onto the ship while in motion.

It was at this juncture, the space craft, along with the orbit of Ice-cap, was making its way through the asteroid belt, and he (he being: Tangor) had an idea. He put on a show for the banshees, he entertained them. As they were watching him crying, and going crazy (an act), as they peered through the windows, these grim and silent creatures of spiritual war, in the cold darkness of space, he knew his ship was getting closer to the asteroid belt, they did not. His Amplifier had collected all the energy from the sun it needed, and with a power surge, and now entering the asteroid belt, the gruesome creatures were slapped off the ship like flying mice. The whole ship became electrified, and the thrust of the asteroids sucked them into a maze of matter thicker than molasses. The emptiness of space filled with flying objects every which way, bombarded the banshees to everlasting kingdom-come.

11/16/2005 written while in Lima, Peru

Tangor: A Nightmare Complete! (#3)

Ice-worms in space, yes indeed, I would not have believe it had it not been told to me by Tangor himself. And so I shall tell you what he told me: they are creatures from Moiromma, a planet outside our solar system, and they have a clutching grip, and a certain species of these even have talons (these do). Evidently they are thrown into space via volcanic disruptions on Moiromma, or by some gravitational pull by its moon, Ice-cap. They come out of the glaciers, and storm winds often hurl them into outer space, where they are transferred who knows where, but in this case: to Tangor’s Space Craft.

These creatures are of all sizes. In the colder regions of Moiromma, they grow to immense sizes. The Moirommalits eat these creatures, whole, everything goes into their system, and down to their digestive track willingly, deliciously. But Moirommalits are subhuman, that is to say, not quite of our species, and have of course many differences with human beings. I would not call them advance creatures, nor backwards, they are what they are: a species of its own, and are of a high intelligence. But I am getting a little off the track here.

The first time Tangor ate these creatures he had quite a bad experience, he almost died. Yet, his food supply was dwindling and he was hungry, and he discovered these worms. They had somehow, breached his ship; found a way to get in, and once in, breed like crazy. Swiftly, he found himself having worm stew, and worm soup, and worm this and that. But fate would play a vital role here, it did not allow his system to digest these worms as he’d like. And when he awoke one morning, several days of eating these maggots, he found dark circles all over his body. His skin crusty, his body and muscles aging, his nervous system sensitive, and his immune system, deactivated. Convulsions whisked into his every pore in his body. He fell into a dark and long sleep, nightmares filled his dreams. His breath was shallow. Illusions came. His pistol by his side, loaded with ammunition, he had pulled it out several times ready to kill himself, should the pain and strain continue to a degree he could not stand.

When he awoke on the tenth day of this madness, his cranium hurt; when he looked at the worms, hideous they were, and although hungry, he did not eat another, in fact he captured all he could find, and with a grimace, he through them back into space, through a door under the storage chamber, which opened up for trash. It was as he put it, “A nightmare, complete.”

11/16/2005 written while in Lima, Peru

Tangor, and The Keeper (#4)

(Chapter Four: 570,000 million miles)

It was daylight on both Moiromma and its moon, Ice-cap, so it appeared from the spacecraft’s porthole, from outer space. Tangor was looking through his telescope, he could see houses, all their shapes and sizes on Ice-cap, the half frozen moon, more like a planetoid. Like blocks piled on blocks, one on top the other so the houses appeared; so they looked from 140,000-earth miles in outer space. He even noticed the streets and alleys, with their twists and turns in this frozen city that looked like a maze. Most everything was white, even the trees that had to gather all it could, all its nutrients, during the short and shallow summer months to withstand the ferocious long winter months.

He was kind of a Peeping Tom (lately), you could say, in that he was watching hundreds of people day after day on this planetoid go about their daily chores and business. Ah, yes! Yes indeed, this brought him some life, something to do, something to keep his mind going, while waiting for the big break, and escape from Ice-caps hold on his ship. This was his forth year in what he called its captivity. The walls of the ship were getting to him, in that they looked more and more each day like a tomb; he even commented that they looked like (or was starting to look like) a skull; perhaps his. In addition, this isolation brought back memories of Poloda and the time spent there.

Yes, the walls were closing in on him, and now he found a new sport, a game if you will, one he played and only he could play, a solitary game called: look and seek, that was about it; it was a closed ended game for all he knew.

The majority of beings, that is to say, the inhabitants of Ice-cap, were a small figure of a race, species, very small, perhaps three feet tall in their fullest stretched height. But there was also a dominate force on Ice-cap, a demonic species, evil form of life: supernatural beings.

In a way, Tangor felt these small figure inhabitants, whom were there long before the demonic forces from earth came, he felt they were like fish caught on a hook, and like him, isolated in an aquarium: him in a tomb in outer space, them on a rock in outer space. Although, he could see them, and the demonic forces had subdued them. A sad thing to watch, in particular, some of their deadly and cruel customs.

He had noticed the elite had worn robes, yet were subject to the demonic whims of the alien creatures. I suppose Tangor may also have thought: they would have liked to escape from the grips of these alien forces, as much as he’d like to escape from the gravitational hold, Ice-cap had on his ship.

The Feast

The Annual Feast of the Worms, was about to start, one that Tangor had witnessed for three two years now, this would be his third, should he wish to watch the fleshly sacrifice again. Let me explain to you, how Tangor explained it to me: they took a youth, boy or girl (this year it was a young girl), and the priests would sacrifice her to the great god Rue, of the planetoid, by throwing the youth into a pit, one that was hollowed out, and built in one of the temples, the inhabitants had built for this god. This huge demonic being would appear over the temple on the first day of the tenth month of Ice-cap, and watch a million plus worms devour the youth. It was his pleasure to watch this sacrifice. And should they not decided to follow through on this, the Rue would cause havoc all over the planet, like a raging bull. It had happened before, when the folks of Ice-cap defied Rue, but only once, it was too costly.

And so the feast of the demonic beast, as it was also called, was being readied to take place. Three days the priest knelt and praised the god of the dark sky and deep sea, our after hour they looked for his appearance. The High Priest stood by his pedestal arms stretched up, then down, not knowing where Rue was, and sang incantations to him.

Tangor examined all around the temple grounds, its deep sub terrain, it was an ancient site—indeed and its foundation weak. The complex had round edges, old pillars. The more Tangor looked through his telescope, and at the girl that was to be sacrificed, the more she remained him of Yamoda: a young woman he once knew, and liked very much. And the more he reflected, the more he wanted to save the girl, even if it was only for one more year.

At the moment, Tangor’s spacecraft was the closest his ship would ever get to the planetoid, 130,000-miles. He came up with an idea, a notion. He had seven torpedoes in his munitions store, his armory, on his ship. If he could aim it right, and shoot at the compound: hit those pillars before the sacrifice came about, it would have to be rebuilt, the whole complex would fall on top of itself, and fill the worm hole completely.

Thus, he finally came to the conclusion he would try it, and so he aimed his ship 15-degrees to it right, and released one of his several torpedoes, it hit an asteroid, broke it up into one-hundred plus pieces or more, which fell like speeding bullets through Ice-caps atmosphere; a shower of debris of iron and nickel stuck together with solid stone, hitting the roof and pillars of the great temple, broke it down to its knees you could say. Tangor was in a gasp of astonishment that it worked. The metal flew every which way, sold rock stuck in-between the metals: it was a joyous day for the family of the girl whom was to be sacrificed, and a horrid and howling day for Rue.

11/16/2005 written while in Lima, Peru

Tangor Battles (#5)

He tore out its windpipe—mercilessly; then, Tangor threw blow after blow-(how could he still fight he pondered), he had now, his hand off its throat. They both fell one onto one another, Tangor on top of the Hyena, and the Hyena screamed a low, low, very low grunt, with its cold gray eyes possessed, staring into Tangor’s, a grunt that could be heard even in the ground under the feet of Tangor.

Tangor was now free from the beast, as it lay down to die, and it grunted again, and again, and died. Tangor stood up, victorious from the battle, victorious from the creature’s grip.

Now came a giant snake, with a swing of its back-tail it smashed into Tangor’s side: the snake took the breath away from Tangor, as he leaned over to fill his lungs once more, getting ready for the second battle; the snake, now leaned over Tangor like a wildcat, silent, motionless, its teeth dropping lower to within an inch of his face: a slight grimace on his face, the snakes face, the snakes bulk was slow in movement, and before it could do any real harm Tangor saw it coming: escape was on his mind nonetheless. He bent his knees back, and with a force never knew he had, he kicked the snake away just below its head, as powerful as it was, it simply moved the snake a feet, no more...from him the battle was won (I suppose you could say), for the snake simply found the Hyena easier to eat, and with out a fight, and thus, moved toward him, and swallowed him whole.

There was one more creature to fight—standing by as if it was in line, on the waiting list for him to fight (‘odd,’ Tangor thought: one creature after the other to fight, this never happened before, never like this anyhow); his pistol was on the ground, this long legged lizard moved like a windmill, with a heavy wind propelling it, fast, quick, swift and heavy<: hence, he hit the lizard on the head with is fist, several times, like a mad man: one two three four...he crushed it to its lower level. Then he woke up from his nightmare, only to find himself still in his spacecraft.

“By Jove!” he said, “it’s just a dream.” Realizing this was just a dream, he turned to seek a glass of water, looked out his window, saw the moon (Ice-cap, still half frozen the way he left it a few hours ago), he looked about from his porthole, no creatures were lurking out there, he looked about on his spacecraft: “Yaw...” he concluded, “Just a dream, by —Jove!” He paced the ship’s length, caught his breath once more: I suppose thinking, or thanking someone, it was not real, this nightmare, but perhaps, wishing it was true so he could be out of his ship once and for all, this tomb of a ship, 180,000-miles from Ice-cap, and 250,000-miles from Moiromma. He was a man of adventure, but here, isolated on this ship, he felt like a bee caught in honey.

Note: 11/17/2005

Tangor''s Sorrowful Romance (#6)

(Chapter Six; 570,000 million miles)

She, Siren, had very little cloths on, it was summer on Moiromma, he watched her from his telescope; yet, still Tangor kept his mission in his mind, when not watching her that is, or checking out Ice-cap, Moiromma’s nearby moon—and to be quite honest, he couldn’t help but notice Siren. He wanted somehow to reach her—but 240,000 miles was a long way. And did not wish to endanger her, for he felt he was already doomed for the most part, in that, his fate was sealed on his stranded ship in the sky, a death ship out in space. Yet again I infer, as Tangor has told me, they both wanted to be with one another.

She cast a sorrowful glance at (towards) Tangor—there was no way by witch she could escape to him, lest she kill herself and resurrect (as Moirommalits can do)—resurrect herself on the spacecraft which was not a guarantee. Ah! Yes, like all relationships, near or far, they are a lot of work, or can be, and no one really knows how they will turn out at the end. And so this was no different in that respect.

“There is too much space between us,” she replied to Tangor, looking through her telescope one day, and him returning the look. And that was that; that was how it was day after day after day.

He was officially on a 570,000-million mile mission (review chapter one), and ended up captive to, and within the orbit of Ice-cap: it was his fifth year in space. And He and Siren met through the telescope, and like all romances, there was a progression. That is to say, most romances have a progression, or regression, at the present it was growing, but could it last was the long term question, and neither one wanted to look at that nervy question at the moment: who ever does (?)

As I was about to say, Siren had a beautifully formed body, womanly body, with grace, but was a ting on the muscle-bound side of the ladder. Not so good, yet not so bad. She also had some kind of a bat-skin covering (like rough, dark rawhide), one that the Moirommalits had, and was useful for protecting their bodies from the cold, yet hers was not as dominate.

Tangor was astounded to discover such a creature looking at him from far, through the telescope from another planet. As he was also looking at her, he found a new civilization, a new species you could say.

“Who are you?” questioned Siren telepathically.

“Tangor,” he replied; he shuddered as he spoke his name. She had been to earth, like Tangor, they both had this in common. She explained she had been to the farthest star like him also, to a planet called SSARG, and likewise he was to a planet similar. But as time went on, several weeks, that was all they could do, only talk telepathically, and at night have wishful dreams. It was in a way a sorrowful relationship to say the least. And so it came to pass, like all Moiromma’s, once you die you get sent to another planet; thus, you have 90 to 100 lives before the finally one. She had an accident, and although she wished to be on the spacecraft with Tangor, she was sent back to SSARG, it seemed the planet was encoded for a likely spot for her system to adjust and go to. Her kind had been on earth many times, as well as Mercury, and Venus along with Mars, and a dozen more planets in a number of solar systems, in a number of galaxies.

It was painful to Tangor, for one day he went to look into the telescope to find Tangor, and she was gone, yes gone like a child in an orphanage, that one day is present, and when kids go to see where she is the next day, she is gone.

Note: 11/16/2005

Tangor's Voyage, and the Mud-Cloud #2 [now in: English and Spanish]

Note: here is a new chapter, and quite a small one at that, in the ongoing Voyage of Tangor, part of the Cadaverous Planets, episode seven. Be looking for Rognat also, and his voyages, I have done several of them, but I’ve got to find my napkins, I place everything here and there, and like Troy Burroghs, I get lost in the middle some place. Often we wonder how these space heroes replenish their ships with water, for water is a most needed necessity, is it not. And so I thought a quick chapter on how both: Tangor and Rognat, do it, might be of interest to you.


As Tangor got closer to the orb, not sure what it was, he observed the mud-like dust cloud, detecting clay and carbonates in addition to the expected silicates.

Thus, he knew the orb had some kind of liquid water present and he needed to replenish his ships supply of water quickly. For the most part, this was a frozen body within the cosmic part of space, the body within this cloud like form looked like a comet, which had craters, and perhaps (so he concluded) perhaps, it had a weak constitution of gravity, that is, binding together its composition, yet, making sure its nucleus remained big; hence, it must have been small. But he could only see in-between the mud cloud thinly for the moment.

As he got closer to the cloud and the body within the cloud, he noticed it was extremely porous, thus allowing the surface to heat, and cool rapidly the icy interior—how convenient he told himself (for him that is), but being shielded so—water, it allowed the comet to remain in its deep freeze system.

So his ship got even closer to the mud cloud, likened to a car closing in on a fuel pump, at a gas station; he then extended his vacuum-space-hose, out into space from under his ship, guiding it with far-flung out metal hands, controlling them from inside the ship, and placing it within the cloud, and sucking in the grains of mud and dust and minerals, extracting the water supply, and releasing all the remaining reserves back into the cloud.

Thus, within a few hours, the ship was back on track as far a water supply went, and his next destination was an asteroid, as big as the state of Texas, a distance away. He wanted to measure its regions, its polar radius compared to earths.


In Spanish by: Nancy Penaloza

La Historia (Capítulo siete)

Viaje de Tangor
Y el nublado
Viajero Espacial enlodado
(Parte uno de dos partes)

Nota: Este es un nuevo capitulo, y casi el mas pequeño, en el viaje en proceso del Tangor, parte de los Planetas Cadavéricos, episodio siete, es buscado también Rognat, y su viajes, Yo he hecho muchos de ellos, pero tengo que encontrar mis servilletas, lo coloque todos aquí, y allí, y como Troy Burroghs, conseguí perderlos en el medio de algún lugar. A menudo nos preguntamos como estos Héroes espaciales rellenan sus naves con agua, por que el agua es la necesidad más importante, ¿verdad?, Y por eso pensé, en un capitulo rápido sobre como ambos: Tangor y Rognat, lo hacen, podría ser de interés para Ud.


Apenas Tangor consiguió acercarse a la esfera celeste, no seguro de lo que era, el observo el lodo como nublado, detectando barro y carbonatos agregados a los silicatos esperados.

Mas, el sabía que el orbe tenia alguna clase de agua liquida presente y el necesitaba rellenar sus naves supliéndolos de agua rápidamente. En su mayor parte, este era un cuerpo congelado dentro de una parte del espacio Cósmico, el cuerpo dentro de esta nube de forma parecida a un cometa, el cual tenía cráteres, y talvez (así, el concluyó) talvez, este tenia una débil constitución de gravedad, esto es, ligando ambos sus composiciones, aun, asegurándose, que sus núcleos permanezcan grandes; de ahí, este debe haber sido pequeño. Pero el podía solamente ver en el intermedio la nube enlodada en capas finas por el momento

Apenas el se acercó mas a la nube y al cuerpo dentro, el notó que esto estaba extremadamente poroso, Así permitiendo a la superficie, calentarse y enfriarse rápidamente el hielo interno- que conveniente el se dijo a si mismo ( para el esto es), pero siendo protegida tanta agua, esto permitió al cometa permanecer en su profundo sistema congelado.

Entonces su nave consiguió acercarse aun mas hacia la nube de barro, comparado a un carro acercándose dentro de una bomba de gasolina, a la gasolinera; el entonces extendió su manguera espacial al vacío, fuera del espacio debajo de su nave, guiándolo arrojándolo fuera con sus manos metálicas, controlándolos desde dentro de su nave, y colocándolo dentro de la nube, y succionándolos en los granos de barro, polvo y minerales, extrayendo el agua, y liberando todas las reservas sobrantes de regreso dentro de la nube.

Mas, dentro de unas pocas horas, la nave estaba en camino de regreso, tan pronto como el abastecimiento de agua estuvo terminado. Y su próximo destino era un asteroide, tan grande como el estado de Texas, a una distancia lejana. El quería medir estas regiones, su radio polar comparado con la tierra.

Tangor: 'Tuwaqachi' #8 (The World Complete, English and Spanish)

Note: here is a new chapter/episode, number #8, and somewhat connecting to its previous one, episode seven, and again quite small, in the ongoing Voyage of Tangor, part of the Cadaverous Planets.


From episode seven [7]: “Thus, within a few hours, the ship was back on track as far a water supply was (it now had more than enough), and his next destination was an asteroid, as big as the state of Texas, a distance away. He wanted to measure its regions, its polar radius compared to earths.”

Episode eight [8]: The year was 1012 AD, and Tangor landed on his great asteroid, the size of Texas, he found a civilization there, it was a curious one indeed. As he was about to start work on his project (measurements), in the Polar Regions using his ship’s technology, he had learned something quite interesting, so interesting, it stopped his project completely.

Technology was almost obsolete in the city he had found after landing outside of it, a walled in kingdom of some sort. Here as he walked among its people, he had found there was no writing, the inhabitants of the city resorted to true memory, thus making writing a hideous obstacle more than anything. But the inhabitants didn’t look all that much different than he; other than they were slimmer, taller, and their heads a little more pointed, and all seemed to have reddish or auburn hair. They all spoke in one tongue, the same language, thus the Biblical Babel perhaps didn’t reach this race, so Tangor concluded. It was a busy city, one akin to the mountain city he remembered on earth, Huancayo, in the Andean mountains of Peru. He had asked for directions to the Governor of the city, or any official to get permission to do a solo expedition on the planetoid. Now surrounded, and encircled by the inhabitants, he found they were slow to answer, as if they were reading his mind. And within a few minutes, out of a palace door, came Aytas; king of the asteroid planet.

Said he in plane English, as if he had lived on earth,

“Come Tangor, join me; we have much to talk about.” Tangor was surprised, how did he know his name, his thoughts, perhaps his, motives.

As they walked into and through the palace, to a sitting room, the king ordered food and drink for Tangor: he ordered it without saying a word, but to Tangor, he spoke, and again I must say, very good English.

“I was,” said the king, “I was on earth hundreds of years ago, for I’m over seven-hundred years old now. You are on the biggest asteroid you do realize in the asteroid belt. And do you realize Tangor this is the earth year for the solstice sun and the galactic centers to line up. It will happen soon, in your winter period. This is my Archkingdom, and you will be free to explore all you wish, but first I must explain a few things to you, for I see them in your mind.”

“My mind,” said Tangor, “you can read my thoughts, amazing capabilities, what year is it here?”

“It doesn’t matter, we have had our cycle, we are beyond…let me explain, sit back, and enjoy your guinea pig, I know you like them, you’ve eaten it enough times while in the Andean mountains of Peru.”

Tangor looked at the smiling old king, and ate varyingly, as he began to speak.

“It was the end of the 4th sun age for earth, but for us, the “Age of the gods? It is this year, the winter solstice sun on earth will align with the galactic center, which took place 7000-years ago, and will take place”

Asked Tangor, to the king:

“Earth feels this is the end of the world, with all its wars and troubles, what is your opinion?”

“It is the closing of one age and the beginning of another, as ours was five hundred years ago, here on this asteroid planet. At which time we put more things aside, other things aside you could say, you are going into a higher age, if indeed you can survive this one, this end of an age; thus, you will have a new level of ability of consciousness, less materialism, if that makes sense.”

The king sat back in his chair, as did Tangor, just finishing up his great meal, washing it down with a little pisco, Peruvian liquor. Then they both stood up, looked into and through the king’s telescope, into the heavens.

“It will be a fast approaching transition,” said the king, “this is a time for great understanding, unseen forces are at work. Changing of the ages is not easy; the fifth sun has made energy, for this new ascending age for man on earth. Quantum physics will help you define your god—your unseen force, intelligence. This 5th stage is called ‘Tuwaqachi’ (The World Complete).”

Then the king explained some of the changes to take place to Tangor, his mind completely lost as far as wanting to go do any measurements in the poles of the planetoid.

The king now turned on what Tangor considered a T.V, a huge one, the screen being a holograph of sorts, in thin air, like a fog, materializing, but it was electrical, and there was a scene as he focused his eyes, a feast of sorts, people dancing, and drinking, He was amazed at is clearness, then all of a sudden he could smell the corn and the foods in the picture being shown, it was a live picture, of a festival in Trinidad.

“How is this possible,” he asked the king.

“You earthlings only know about two kinds of electricities: sight and sound, but there are five you know: touch, smell and taste, these still remain alien to you, and do say, for you to discover.

Tangor said no more. It was all unbelievable but yet he saw it, heard it, smelt it. Thus, he concluded, if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and smells like one, it must be.

Said the King, “We are in, what can be called the ‘Silver Age’ as earth will enter, and where great prosperity on all levels will appear for you as it has for us. We have many ideas, and with these we seek perfection in the human being, as a class. We are now looking at time as an illusion, more than a reality, movement, or action. The veil thus far cannot be pierce, but it is only a veil.”

Written: 12/30/2005/completed 1/2/2006

In Spanish Translated by Nancy Penaloza

Tangor: “Tuwaqachi” (El mundo completo)

Viajero Espacial

Nota: este es un nuevo capitulo/episodio, Nº# 8, y algo conectado a uno previo, el episodio siete, y nuevamente casi, pequeño, en el viaje en desarrollo de Tangor, parte de los planetas cadavéricos.


Desde el episodio siete (7): “Así, dentro de unas pocas horas, la nave estuvo en camino de regreso tan pronto como el suplemento de agua acabó, (este ahora tenia mas que suficiente), y su próximo destino era un asteroide, tan grande como el estado de Texas, a una distancia lejana. El quería medir sus regiones, su radio polar comparado a la tierra”.

Episodio (8): El año era 1012 Antes de Cristo, y Tangor aterrizó sobre su gran asteroide, del tamaño de Texas, el encontró allí una civilización, esto fue algo curioso de verdad. Apenas el estuvo cerca de empezar a trabajar en su proyecto (medida), en las regiones polares usando la tecnología de su nave, el había aprendido algo casi interesante, tan interesante, esto paralizó su proyecto completamente.

La tecnología era casi obsoleta en la ciudad que el había encontrado después de aterrizar al otro lado de esto, un reino amurallado de alguna forma, aquí, mientras el caminaba entre su gente, el había encontrado que no había escritura, los habitantes de la ciudad recurrían verdaderamente a la memoria, Así haciendo de la escritura un horrible obstáculo mas que nada. Pero los habitantes no parecían todos muy diferentes a el; otro que ellos eran mas delgados, mas altos, y sus cabezas un poco puntiagudas, y todos parecían tener cabellos rojizos o castaños. Todos ellos hablaban en una lengua, el mismo lenguaje, Así el Babel bíblico talvez no alcanzó a esta raza, entonces, Tangor concluyó, esta era una ciudad poblada, semejante a una ciudad en la montaña que el recordaba sobre la tierra, Huancayo, en los Andes montañosos de Perú. El había preguntado por la dirección del gobernador de la Ciudad, o algún oficial para conseguir permiso para hacer una sola expedición sobre el planeta. Ahora rodeado y acorralado por los habitantes, el encontró que ellos eran flojos para responder, como si ellos estuvieran leyendo su mente. Y en pocos minutos, fuera de la puerta del palacio, vino Aytas; rey del planeta asteroide.

Dijo él en un Ingles claro, como si el hubiera vivido sobre la tierra, “Ven Tangor, sígueme; nosotros tenemos mucho acerca para conversar”. Tangor estaba sorprendido, como sabía él su nombre, sus pensamientos, talvez sus, motivos.

Mientras ellos caminaban dentro y a través del palacio, hacia un lugar del cuarto, el rey ordenó comida y bebida para Tangor: El ordeno esto sin decir una palabra, pero para Tangor, el hablo, y nuevamente yo debo decir, muy buen Ingles.

“Yo estuve”. Dijo el Rey, “Yo estuve sobre la tierra hace cientos de años, por que yo tengo mas de 700 años de edad ahora. Tú, estas sobre el más grande asteroide que tú puedas imaginar en la zona de los asteroides. Y tú puedes imaginar Tangor este es el año de la tierra para el solsticio solar y los centros galácticos se alinearan. Esto pasará pronto, en tu periodo invernal. Este es el arco de mi reino, y

Tú estarás libre para explorar todo lo que desees, pero primero yo debo explicarte unas pocas cosas a ti, por que yo los vi en tu mente”.

“Mi mente”, dijo Tangor, “Tu puedes leer mis pensamientos, maravillosa habilidad, ¿Que Año es aquí?”.

“Esto no tiene ninguna importancia, nosotros hemos tenido nuestro ciclo, nosotros estamos lejos…déjame explicarte, siéntate, y disfruta tu cuy, yo se que te gusta, tu has comido de esto suficiente mientras estabas en las montañas de los Andes de Perú”. Tangor miró el sonriente viejo Rey, y comió variadamente, mientras comenzaba a hablar.

“Esto fue el final de la 4th edad solar para la tierra, pero para nosotros, “Año de los Dioses”. Esto es este año, el solsticio de invierno solar sobre la tierra se alineará con el centro galáctico, el cual tomó parte hace 7000 años, y tomará lugar”.

Tangor preguntó, al Rey:

“La tierra siente que este es el fin del mundo, con todas sus guerras y problemas, ¿Cuál es tu opinión?”.

“Este es el final de una edad y el comienzo de otra, como la nuestra fue hace 500 años, aquí en este planeta asteroide. en aquel tiempo nosotros pusimos muchas cosas a un lado. Otras cosas a un lado podrías decir, tu estas entrando a una edad mas grande, si de verdad tu puedes sobrevivir a esta, el final de una época; así, tu tendrás un nuevo nivel de habilidad de conocimiento, menos materialista, si eso tiene sentido”.

El rey se sentó atrás en su silla, como lo hizo Tangor, justo terminando su gran cena, bajándolo con un poco de pisco, licor peruano. Luego ambos se pararon, miraron dentro y a través del telescopio del rey, dentro de los cielos.

“Esto será una rápida transición de acercamiento”. Dijo el rey, “Este es el tiempo para grandes entendimientos, fuerzas nunca vistas están en trabajo. Cambios de tiempos no es fácil; el 5º sol ha hecho energía, para esta nueva edad ascendiente para el hombre sobre la tierra. Cantidad física te ayudara a definir tu Dios- fuerza nunca vista, inteligencia. Este 5th plataforma es llamada “Tuwaqachi” (El mundo completo)”.

Luego El rey explicó a Tangor algo de los cambios que tomaran lugar, su mente completamente perdida tan lejos como queriendo ir a hacer algunas medidas en los polos del planetoide.

El rey ahora encendió lo que Tangor consideró un TV. uno enorme, siendo la pantalla una clase de holograma, en programación fina, como empañado, encarnada, pero era eléctrico, y había una escena como si enfocara sus ojos, una fiesta de esas, gente bailando, y bebiendo, el estaba maravillado de su claridad, luego todo de repente el pudo oler el maíz y la comida en el cuadro que estaba siendo mostrado, este era un cuadro vivo, de una festividad en la Trinidad.

“Como es posible esto”, el pregunto al rey.

“Tus terrícolas solo conocen acerca de dos clases de electricidad: vista y sonido, pero hay cinco, tu sabes: Tacto, olor y gusto, estos todavía permanecen desconocidos para ti, esto debe ser.

Dijo el rey, “Nosotros estamos en, lo que podemos llamar la “Edad de plata” Así la tierra entrará, y donde gran prosperidad en todos sus niveles, aparecerán para ti como lo fue para nosotros. Nosotros tenemos muchas ideas, y con ellas nosotros buscamos perfección en el ser humano, como una clase. Nosotros estamos ahora mirando el tiempo como una ilusión, mas que la realidad, movimiento, o acción. El velo de esta manera lejana no puede ser agujereado, pero solamente es un velo”.

Escrito: 12/30/2005/completado 1/2/2006

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tangor's Quest! [Adventure #1]

Tonos, was quite a long distance from Poloda, and in the early l940s, Tangor, was granted permission to go on a mission there, granted by Eljanhai, the Great I, of the planet. He left behind memories of Yamoda, and the empire of Kapara, and also of Morga Sagra, along with his friend Don. In the interim, he had worked on what was called the ‘Amplifier,’ and was said to have perfected it, and now his flight was in motion. This was of course, 64-years after his lift off from Poloda. Yes, sixty-four long years. The Editor left for us his note saying: “I wonder if Tangor ever reached that little planet....”

A good question indeed was: “I wonder if (he) ever reached that little planet,” but it couldn’t be answered until recently, I mean, until a few days ago. He is now an old man of course: old and tired, worn out you could say. The Editor now long dead, of course could not update the folks of the 1940s, of which Tangor was said to have been killed in WWII, he was a flyer. But he wasn’t, not at least in the sense we would acknowledge death to be. The day I received his message from the Earth Space Station, was on November 13, 2005, and it is today, the 15th, it has taken a few days to get this story straight. He has come back from the Farthest Star, was the first words given by the commandant of the Space Station, before I could interview him. He said (Tangor): the night he left, he kissed Yamoda for the first time, then left in the morning. He never saw her again. His ship was outfitted for a long, very long voyage, and he left the following morning, as I have already said, given permission by the Commissioner of War at the time. Thus, there was two wars going on, one on Poloda, and one on Earth.

Handon Gar went along on the voyage with Tangor, but had died several days into the flight of poisonous inhalation—the result of some toxic gas that seeped out of the storage room, and into and throughout the ventilation system of the aircraft. It was a miracle Tangor was not killed. Somehow, by some mysterious form of life, perhaps a spiritual force, he was awaken in time, and quickly he locked up the chamber air tight, and repaired the leak.

The amplifier worked well for a few days, then it lost its energy, perhaps by the lack of the sun; whatever it was, I gathered from our conversation, it was transforming the sun’s energy source, into the energy the craft needed for all its operations; condensing its fuel supply, as well as remaking oxygen, and fuel for he ship to operate. And as time went on, it seemed to have a mind of its own, especially within the ship, as it was pulled into the orbit of a huge object: Tangor explained to me, the object (its name unknown at the time) was larger than a comet, and perhaps a planetoid. Hence, his ship fell into the tight orbit of the planetoid circling two suns, and to boot, going through an asteroid belt, and crisscrossing two solar systems. Again I repeat, the ship seemed to gain energy closer to the sun, like a comet would, and the farther away it went, it lost its drive, its magnetic pull; thus, it could never pull itself out of the circulating motion of the planet and its moon. He had picked up a transmission from both the planets, or better put, the planet and its moon, and found out the name of the two masses: the planet being, Moiromma, and its moon, Ice-cap. Two frozen, or almost frozen, masses in outer space.

He had found out also, Earth was beyond these two planets, and beyond the asteroid belt, and tried aimlessly to pull his spacecraft out of the magnetic hold the planet had on it, but could never to it. That is, not for sixty-odd years anyhow.

The Worm in the Sky

And so it was, the spacecraft, lingered in the sky for sixty years, as the inhabitants of both planets cast their eyes upon it, year after year. It was caught between both huge bodies in space. The magnetic force of Moiromma had less pull than Ice-cap, and thus, Tangor’s ship was pulled closer to that frozen body. Sometimes it seemed it was going to rip the small spacecraft apart. For all these years, it was a tug-of-war, so Tangor told me several times as we talked. He was most surprised the clarity in our conversation, and remarked on how beautiful it was to see earth again. He had learned the barbaric customs of both Moiromma and Ice-cap, and explained them fully to me; and thus, appreciated Earth, after having known these two planets by proxy.

He explained his escape, saying: when the forces between both planets were at its weakest, which was when they were at their farthest distance from one another, (which took place several months ago), the ship having been filled by the sun with energy through its amplifier, a comet came by, and he (he being: Tangor) took advantage of the moment by aiming his ship at the comet, which blocked the pull of Moiromma, on his ship (and the sun’s lightly pull, also), and the thrust was so great of the comet, and with full speed from the spacecraft, it pulled Tangor’s craft right out of its orbit around Ice-cap: the spacecraft nearly crashed into the comet, but it was too fast, and left Tangor bouncing about in the Asteroid Belt. Thus, avoiding a collision, He navigated out of this belt, and on towards Pluto, and then past Neptune, and onto earth. Ah! But the craft did not land there, as you and I of course know now, it landed at the United States Space Station, where Tangor is being treated this very moment for medical causes. This was what happened, although I am leaving much of the story out (for another time), and only telling you the basic details. He said he’d contact me in the near future to tell me, so I can tell you of some of his other exploits during his time in, what he calls, captivity.

11/13/2005 Written while in Lima, Peru